Pi-hole is active but doesn't resolve dns


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Expected Behaviour:

Internet works with ad-blocking

Actual Behaviour:

Page fails to resolve

Debug Token:


I’m able to set dns manually on my router and internet works fine. Neither wired nor wifi works through the pihole. I also set up pivpn and have been able to connect to it successfully.


Your debug log does not show any problems with your Pi-Hole installation.

What DNS settings are you using in your router, both when the Pi-Hole does not aplpear to be processing requests and when you are able to access the internet.

Have you tried to manually assign the Pi-Hole as DNS in a client to eliminate the router as a source of the problem?


So I have router dnsmasq set to the dhcp 6 IP of pihole and that’s when I have the problems. Setting dns on router to pihole works but the stats all show the router and not individual clients.


You can use Pi-Hole as DHCP server, which will show individual clients.


Which offers better performance, dhcp on pihole or router? I have netgear r7000 router and raspberry pi 2 model b.


There is no difference you would ever notice. The client will get a new lease whenever the old one expires (typically daily or weekly). This is a very simple transaction.

Note the DHCP function is not the same as the DNS function. DNS queries are recurring and frequent, DHCP transactions occur very infrequently by comparison.