Pi-hole FTL v5.21, Web v5.18.4 and Core v5.15.5 released

Originally published at: Pi-hole FTL v5.21, Web v5.18.4 and Core v5.15.5 released – Pi-hole

As always, please read through the changelog before updating with pihole -up. (A new tag for docker image will arrive in due course.)

Pi-hole FTL changes:

What’s Changed

  • Extend regex extension ;querytype=... by @DL6ER in #1527
  • Update embedded dnsmasq to v2.89 by @DL6ER in #1522
    • Fix bug which can break the invariants on the order of a hash chain.
    • Add no-ident option for enhanced privacy (a Pi-hole contributed feature)

Full Changelog: v5.20.1...v5.21

Pi-hole Web changes:

What’s Changed

  • db_queries.php: use the same color scheme from Dashboard by @rdwebdesign in #2517
  • Fix multiple restarts while importing with Teleporter by @yubiuser in #2519
  • Use the setupVars.conf option TEMPERATUREUNIT, plus slight rearrangement of settings page by @rdwebdesign in #2516

Full Changelog: v5.18.3...v5.18.4

Pi-hole Core changes:

What’s Changed

  • Tweak old pihole lighttpd config warning message to better reflect it’s usage by @PromoFaux in #5154
  • Only source versions file if the file exits by @yubiuser in #5157
  • Only search for “OVERWRITTEN BY PI-HOLE” when checking inside lighttpd.conf by @PromoFaux in #5167

Full Changelog: v5.15.3...v5.15.5