Pi-hole FTL v5.2 Released

Originally published at: https://pi-hole.net/2020/08/09/pi-hole-ftl-v5-2-released/


Today’s release is mainly to get some much needed changes to FTL out into the wild, including an update of the internal dnsmasq version, however we have a few bug fixes for the core and web components, too.

For core, some improvements have been made to the unsupported OS detection – which should hopefully stop a few common issues we have seen since 5.1 was released.

For those of you using PADD, this release of FTL should fix the issue you have been seeing with the status of FTL.

As always, please read through the changelog before updating with pihole -up. If you have any issues with the web interface after updating, clear your browser cache to see if that resolves it before reporting a bug!

More details below:


FTL v5.2:

  • Update dnsmasq version to v2.82 #848
  • Add logging for CNAME inspection (Discourse Feature Request) #832
  • Re-add portfile as its removal broke the (old) chronometer (pihole -c) #838
  • Improve TCP worker handling #845
    • Fixes some issues with strangely behaving clients
    • Increase the TCP worker timeout from 150 seconds (dnsmasq default) to 300 seconds to not kill connections too early
    • Increases maximum number of concurrent TCP connections from 20 (dnsmasq default) to 60
  • Safely reopen gravity database to avoid API race collisions #847
  • Enhance pihole restartdns reload and ... reload-lists speed #850
  • Make FTL builds faster by putting all sources in dedicated cmake objects #852

Core v5.1.2:

Web v5.1.1:

  • IP Address sorting on the query/long term query pages 6065680 (@PromoFaux )
  • Fix teleporter bug on hosts with . in their names #1517 (@DL6ER)
  • Fix ARPFLUSH button on the settings page #1514 (@DL6ER)
  • Fix audit log button #1518 (@DL6ER)
  • Fix query types links on the dashboard (Query Types pie chart) #1519 (@DL6ER)
  • Allow IPv6 loopback address to be added #1548 (@DL6ER)



Crazy!!!! Awesome. Everything went well. Maybe. Yes, it did. Thank you!

UPDATE Something broke badly, my WiFi microwave oven does strange things now and the kids are complaining, too. One of the SmartTVs doesn't work. Stand by ... trying to check if Pi-hole broke something badly. Or if this is self-inflicted pain.

UPDATE More things are going crazy. Never invest into a smart home, it will bite you. Roller shutters are out of control right now. Looks like self-inflicted pain.

UPDATE New Windows 10 computer took over the smarthome. Changed password, problem solved. Note to myself: Better password than 11223344 is a necessity. Otherwise, bad things may happen.


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Thanks for the release, guys!

Just updated two Raspberry Zero W with Rasbpian (Buster), no errors and issues.


That must be a really great WiFi that you can use it as a microwave oven!


Frequenties are not that far apart:

It is an Internet-of-Things microwave oven. It's not using WiFi to cook things. I got it for free from the Dutch telecom (it was a study), as I was participating in a project "early smart home equipment" (translated). It cannot do much, there is a web interface where you can check how much time remains until it is done, what the power level is, etc. Nothing dangerous. However, you can also reset the oven from the interface. Which is acknowledged by a beep. This beep was going crazy.

coro je laat me erg hard lachen...
translated coro you really make me laugh out loud...
call me if diner is ready ...i think this will take a while... or is your wifi cooking for you lol

btw we don't need comedians we got coro..

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