Pi-hole favouring google over cloudflare?


I have my upstream DNS configured like this.

In my mind, that says use Cloudflare first and google second.

However, it's not the case. Pretty much everything uses google.

If I dig any internet address from the pi, it's using but that's probably from /etc/dhcpcd.conf

Any suggestions please? I'd quite like cloudflare to be primary with google as the backup. Have I just completely misread the interface?



You have drawn a conclusion about what those checkboxes mean. Both Google and Cloudflare have more than one DNS. Google's are and while Cloudflare is and The checkboxes just indicate which of those you want. Both of each should be roughly equivalent, performance-wise.

Selecting more than one upstream doesn't really give much benefit. Which ever one is 'better/faster' as determined by the underlying dnsmasq that pi-hole is based on, will be used (I think).

For you, Google must be the better option.

Your correct:

Improve detection algorithm for determining the "best" forward destination¶

The DNS forward destination determination algorithm in FTLDNS's is modified to be much less restrictive than the original algorithm in dnsmasq. We keep using the fastest responding server now for 1000 queries or 10 minutes (whatever happens earlier) instead of 50 queries or 10 seconds (default values in dnsmasq). We keep the exceptions, i.e., we try all possible forward destinations if SERVFAIL or REFUSED is received or if a timeout occurs. Overall, this change has proven to greatly reduce the number of actually performed queries in typical Pi-hole environments. It may even be understood as being preferential in terms of privacy (as we send queries much less often to all servers). This has been implemented in commit d1c163e.


EDIT: If your purely interested in speed, you could select all upstream DNS servers and leave that running for a day or so.
The pi chart on the dashboard will show which ones Pi-hole favours.

Now that's all rather interesting, thanks.

Definitely worth a try.

Very surprised, Level3 is the quickest.

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