Pi-Hole as DHCP - clients not getting IP

I deactivated dhcp on my router and activated it in pi-hole, but now the devices dont get ip adresses anymore

Please send us the token generated by

pihole -d

or do it through the Web interface:


Your debug log shows some setup problems with the Pi. You have Pi-Hole configured for IP 2 on ethernet, but there is no IPv4 address on that interface.

*** [ DIAGNOSING ]: Networking
[✗] No IPv4 address(es) found on the eth0 interface.
[✗] No IPv6 address(es) found on the eth0 interface.

[i] Default IPv4 gateway:
   * Pinging
[✗] Gateway did not respond. (https://discourse.pi-hole.net/t/why-is-a-default-gateway-important-for-pi-hole/3546)

*** [ DIAGNOSING ]: Name resolution (IPv4) using a random blocked domain and a known ad-serving domain
[✓] view.atdmt.com.26110.9201.302br.net is via localhost (
[✗] Failed to resolve view.atdmt.com.26110.9201.302br.net via Pi-hole (

Check that the Pi has a valid IPv4 address: ip a

Look in the router and see which IP the Pi is using to connect to the router.

With that IP reserved or static, reconfigure Pi-Hole for that IP - pihole -r and select "reconfigure"

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