Pi-hole and antiX


Heloo my friends, Im interested to run Pi-Hole dns filter. I have1 Laptop board ( no keyboard, touchpad, webcam ) pure motherboard and screen. Board is very stable I tested it with 6 days intensive CPU stress test. CPU is Intel T7200 with 4 GB DDR2. SInce I can not use it as media device ( nVidia 7900GSgo GPU drivers dont work ) I was thinking about NAS but NO only use is as ad blocker. I Thinkthat it is more than enough 2 GHz Dual Core and 4 GB of RAM. Now Im planning to run it on antiX. I allready installed it in VM and install Pi-Hole on it. Now question is… I get 1 error on boot I will put printscr later. After booting in VM all trafic and ads are blocked and stat works perfectly. Is it possible to update filter list like on pfblockerng, and instead of ads it is displayed “page cannot be fond” or simething simmilar. Is it possible to replace this with “single pixel” or logo of pi-hole?


I don’t know how that other software updates filter lists. You can add blocklists to your Pi-Hole installation as described in this FAQ.

A good source for block lists compatible with Pi-Hole is: