PHP memory limits

Is there a memory limit that you would recommend?

Depends on how many entries you are going to query and how much RAM you device has. See this topic for more info:

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I recommend -1 but then I set nice levels and manage things so I'm never memory starved. Linux is great at memory management so it can handle most of what it needs to do if configured for it.

Thanks for the quick response, going to change mine before I run into the aforementioned issues.

Don't change it if you don't have any issues.

Edit: Setting it to a value that is not appropriate for your device/install/OS/requirements will crash your system.

Just went there (before I saw your message) and it seems like it's set to -1 anyway:

So I won't be changing it, this was in /etc/php/7.2/cli/php.ini

Look for

Yeah that was set to 128MB in there by default. Thanks for that.