"OTHER" query to list as SVCB/HTTPS type

As of iOS 14 / MacOS 11 Big Sur pihole logs a lot of "OTHER" queries.

It turns out this type 65479 record is actually a new SVCB/HTTPS record type. See: Speeding up HTTPS and HTTP/3 negotiation with... DNS

I know this has been discussed before. In light of this new insight, I wonder whether this does make sense to add.

Thanks for your suggestion, we're actively monitoring the situation but the SVCB/HTTP type hasn't been standardized yet. The most recent draft of the standard can be found here:


As you can see over there, the draft is constantly being edited (last edit Nov 2, 2020) so things may still change.

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I transformed this help topic into a feature request yesterday. This feature will be implemented by

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Closing as implemented

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