Option to ignore domains from appearing in the Query Log

And which way would that be? Hints to how you see the implementation would help us see the same.

I am no coder but I want to suggest a possible solution.

I think we do not need another list. Why not use just the domain list we have.
We just put a specific special character string right at the beginning of the domain.
So for example !#adserver.evil
The "!#" indicates that this domain will be blocked but completely silent.
This could also be extended easily for other options.


What do you think would this work? @DanSchaper

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This doesn't answer Dan's question.

It just states how you'd mark a domain for a separate purpose, not how you'd imagine it would actually be processed.

And as that suggestion would deviate from the hosts format, it would not only affect just Pi-hole, but potentially blocklist maintainer's as well, broadening the parties involved to accept and support your proposed change.

There's no need to touch the source lists.
This can just be appended in the personal blacklists.

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+1 to this request.

As a user
I would like to exclude specific domains from logging at all
So that I can enhance my privacy OR help to minimise the amount of logging for very noisy domains ensuring that my dashboard view is actually useful and not just a bunch of noise.

Ideally for me, this would just be a check box when creating allow or block list entries, where per entry you could choose if logging takes place. Approached in the right way, wouldn't this actually reduce the overall load on the piHole (we are talking about the removal for the logging operation for most of the traffic in my house, and then the removal of the requirement to keep, maintain and make available in searches).

Specifically the top blocked domains would benefit the most, and this would be the primary information most users are keen to see. For me this is currently filled with device-metrics-us-2.amazon.com, audible.sc.omtrdc.net, app-measurement.com, c.amazon-adsystem.com, pagead2.googlesyndication.com, pubads.g.doubleclick.net, csi.gstatic.com, 2mdn.net, tlx.3lift.com.

Thank you to the piHole team for their work and dedication to helping us all live a more secure and less risky digital life. Hope this request raised by @bertoost can be considered at some point.

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PS - I've been thinking about running two piHoles in serial, using the first one to be my block no logging, and the second to operate as my normal piHole. This would achieve what is outlined above, but certainly not in the way that I'd like to approach it.

You have the option today to drop any or all of these from the top lists.

Thanks @jfb that does cover some of the requirement for the dashboard, as some point a more broad ability would be very welcome.

+1, would be useful for me too.

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+1. I have a friend whose Roku devices make his Query Log largely unusable due to how noisy they are, an order of magnitude above the surrounding numbers. It would be useful to be able to not show selected domains in the Query Log. But I'm also mindful of @DL6ER's comment about how using filters, especially wildcards, across the databases will scale badly and impact performance, and his other comment about avoiding yet more filter lists.

Would it be possible to implement this just for rendering the static Query Log, and just up to 100 items?

  • Long-term query database logging – no change in behaviour
  • /var/log/pihole.log logging – no change in behaviour
  • API exporting – no change in behaviour
  • Query Log with show all (queries.php?all) – no change in behaviour
  • The entries in Settings > API / Web interface > Top Domains & Top Clients – continue to function as they do today, with a new additional interpretation below
  • Query Log with 10, 25, 50, 100, All selected – exclude unwanted domains when the page is manually loaded
  • Unwanted domains are the same ones listed in the aforementioned two sections

This would satisfy my friend's needs, since his disproportionately noisy devices would no longer dominate his Query Log when inspecting the current activity, and they already would be excluded from the Top lists in the Dashboard.

I suspect this is how most people would make use of being able to block noisy domains. It's not for system-wide filtering, just to silence awkward domains when viewing current activity. I am guessing that for most casual home users with the likes of Roku and Samsung devices, being able to see the 100-entry Query Log is good enough if they can do so without these devices showing.

Would this implementation allow domains to be exluded from the Query Log without the scaling, performance and management impacts?

It doesn't really feel like a pi-hole base code issue, more like a web browser UI issue to me. I would build a web UI like the pi-hole dashboard by connecting to a back-end database and using Ajax to do a continuous data feed to the webpage, while using the browser Javascript engine to do the local filtering of display items. This uses the local computing resources and not the pi-hole device and shouldn't impact DNS performance.

It's not that simple because the Query Log is not populated from the FTL database (except at startup). The FTL database is updated from the underlying Query Log source once per minute by default.

I've opened a little project here to try and create a colourised scrolling log with selected domains filtered out, so that the visual experience is similar to the Query Log, but it's coming from the dnsmasq live log and is not browser based at all.

If you filter locally then when you select to display n items from the Query Log you will render fewer than n items. The Pi-hole UI isn't informed of local browser filtering which breaks the selection vs results returned.

Therefore I think any such filtering would a) have to be started and completed on a single instance by instance basis, b) populated from live log data, on the Pi-hole side, to reach the chosen number of selected entries for that instance, and c) then rendered in the UI for the browser to display post-processing.

I can see how it appears to need a full redo of the framework to allow something like this, which on the surface seems trivial. There are search engines and databases that do filtering of millions of items per second, but they are optimized for that activity and the FTL database wasn't built with that in mind. What about grabbing a very large local buffer of data and using local resources to filter that for display, while still appending current data to it every minute, sort of a FIFO thing? That means that even for the large number of items being filtered out of the UI display, the buffer will still be full of actual data that will be shown to the user. Just thinking out loud...

My mesh router is unfortunately hard-coded into pinging a domain many times a minute and over the year it is going to gather up thousands of useless clutter within the log that i currently cannot block, because it's an essential one to be able to access. This feature would single-handedly solve that issue for me and possibly the others in the same situation, or for some similar reason.

This is a big yes vote from me.

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The best would be if the audited Domains would optionally not show up in the log.
This would make the log so much more usable.

Hello! If I may chime in, would it be possible and of help if regex was allowed under API settings > Top Lists to exclude permutations of blocked (or allowed) domains appearing in the Query Log? See below my example:

|2023-07-26 18:37:05|A|icnlc9z65n6fhf74h1tkzqd1dlgs11690388057.uaid.nmrodam.com|firetv.fritz.box|Blocked (regex blacklist)|IP (0.0ms)||
|2023-07-26 18:37:04|A|lo22p9fjb6d6vsmx51a4lk38u8wm91690386585.uaid.nmrodam.com|firetv.fritz.box|Blocked (regex blacklist)|IP (0.1ms)||
|2023-07-26 18:37:03|A|2n9ssrky7au15gj6ky0fqc4p74hg71690384153.uaid.nmrodam.com|firetv.fritz.box|Blocked (regex blacklist)|IP (0.1ms)||
|2023-07-26 18:37:02|A|r7gh6lbc8i424btzgwc1eft9yvuvd1690380265.uaid.nmrodam.com|firetv.fritz.box|Blocked (regex blacklist)|IP (0.1ms)||
|2023-07-26 18:37:01|A|1urkletd6eki3f5p5e84jghva9dcl1690376354.uaid.nmrodam.com|firetv.fritz.box|Blocked (regex blacklist)|IP (0.1ms)||
|2023-07-26 18:37:00|A|vhldyspu5skn6s8ghb7t5ex7ujcik1690374396.uaid.nmrodam.com|firetv.fritz.box|Blocked (regex blacklist)|IP (0.1ms)||
|2023-07-26 18:36:59|A|oe4rc9ghb7di9b7opqms3lu847mgx1690370955.uaid.nmrodam.com|firetv.fritz.box|Blocked (regex blacklist)|IP (0.1ms)||
|2023-07-26 18:36:58|A|202i65zr7e016zc26ww8ghb7tz7ws1690368587.uaid.nmrodam.com|firetv.fritz.box|Blocked (regex blacklist)|IP (0.1ms)||


Top Blocked Domains

Domain Hits Frequency
[secure-eu.nmrodam.com] 348
[emwzdatl1k4hg7dhxim8tv7m4ebl01689738405.uaid.nmrodam.com] 70
[nxzf7ghbxg448u7yu26y2wl9vlc081689752810.uaid.nmrodam.com] 70
[5r687k06f8ghbbucqccu1sps63tzi1689767214.uaid.nmrodam.com] 70
[j64ktybmzedv1fghjjwrafa5dg79rc1re31689781619.uaid.nmrodam.com] 70
[hcd0bheb0uml59i3kjoh6qmhlhiyz1689791317.uaid.nmrodam.com] 70
[0hwdhv8f1q41x2y1b1lhde8ggz7m6kd89801102.uaid.nmrodam.com] 70
[71spmo7hfd9ghbdngyxeecnoof2z31689803053.uaid.nmrodam.com] 70
[q7s6f9b95bqwobtm25uuajtu0p3v81689805007.uaid.nmrodam.com] 70
[msc4cy1r0y1p90ef9bheiq3vfieno1689806958.uaid.nmrodam.com] 70

These flood the Top List.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts! :slight_smile: