Not working on jessie after update, dnsmasq updated too



i am using a pihole for a while i recently updated to 3.3 and i have stopped it is not working any more. I have updated the dnsmasq as suggested but it is still the same. p

web ui is not updated not updated and I cannot see the ads are blocked. please see screenshot below

Debug Token:


can you please help me what needs to be done here?


Can you try pihole -r > Repair?


thanks for the suggestion however I forgot to mention that I have done this several times but no change. it is completing the repair just fine but nothing happens.


So according to your log (and screenshot), Pi-hole is working, but you don’t seem to have any devices using it as their DNS server.


thank you for this but I do not think it is the problem as it was working fine before also all the settings are done properly. please see screens below.

when I tail the pihole.log. I can see entries coming to there as well.


hi there,

I have tested on one of the test sites and I actually can confirm the pihole is working but it is web UI is not working.


I’m very confused now since your previous screenshot showed the Web interface working?


it is running but it is not updating the dashboard. I have flushed the logs and restarted the pi but no change. even after flushing it is showing the same as my screenshot also.

pihole -c gives the below
Pi-hole Chronometer

Press Ctrl-C to exit
Hostname: raspberrypi (Raspberry Pi 1, Model B)
Uptime: 00:02:33
Task Load: 0.79 0.56 0.23 (Active: 7 of 33 tasks)
CPU usage: 66% (700 MHz @ 322k)
RAM usage: 17% (Used: 73 MB of 434 MB)
HDD usage: 19% (Used: 1 GB of 7 GB)
LAN addr: (Gateway:
Pi-hole: Active (Blocking: 559465 sites)
Ads Today: 0% (Total: 0 of 81)
Local Qrys: 28% (2 DNS servers)
Top Advert:
Top Domain:
Top Client:


Which part of the graphs are not populating?


no graphs or statics are updating.

the data is still the same since yesterday and I have checked the logs they are actually populated.


Is it just the queries over time graph?


no, it is all the reports from web interface.
query log, top lists all is not updating.

thanks for all the help


i have uninstalled and installed the Pihole again and this has resolved the problem


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