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I am running PiHole 4.3.1 in a Docker container on Photon 3.0 (fully updated via distro-sync) on a VMWare ESXi 6.7 host. There are two domain controllers serving an active directory domain, both are running on Windows 2016 (also fully updated via Windows Update). The domain is “pbs.local”. I have set DHCP on the router (Mikrotik hardware running the latest updated version of RouterOS, in case that matters) to assign only the IP of the pihole VM, and pihole is configured to forward requests to the Google DNS servers as well as the IPs of the two DCs. Everything generally seems to work as intended.

Expected/Actual Behaviour:

I open my pihole interface via Chrome, using the address http://pihole.pbs.local/ (configuration works just fine via http://pihole.pbs.local/admin/). The address “pihole” is configured under “pbs.local” in DNS on the DCs. I am greeted with a screen that says:
Access to the following website has been denied:
This is primarily due to being flagged as:
Not found on any blacklist

Technical Info button identifies that the site is found in 1 of 10 lists (whitelist.txt), and attempting to enter the site into the qhitelist again results in a message telling me to flush DNS cache and/or restart my browser. I have run “ipconfig /flushdns”, restarted Chrome, and tried using incognito mode.

Debug Token:

Please see this related thread which discusses .local entries.

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Odd that this one didn’t come up when I was searching… Thanks for the link @jfb, It specifically mentions someone trying to use pihole.local rather than pihole.domain.local, which is technically different because I’m working with a domain separate from the pihole vm. But the http://pi.hole address does return the admin page, which is okay I guess (although I really expect to return the home page, not the admin page).

I guess I’ll post in that thread rather than continuing this separate-but-similar thread.

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