Measuring blacklist efficiency

I remember seeing a script that evaluates/measures the efficiency of the current blacklists over a long period of time.
My google-foo is not doing it for me. Can anyone help?

I think this is something that @jpgpi250 had done?

I did indeed write a script a long time ago, but it was designed for us with pihole 4.x. The gravity information used to be stored in text files, the script just checked if the domains in the adlist, you considered to add, weren't already in the gravity list (also a text file), thus giving an indication wether to add the list or not...

This script has been removed from github, it simply doesn't work anymore with v5.x (all domains are now stored in the dravity database).

I never got arround to rewriting this script.

This one:

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Thank you.
That might have been it but I thought I was looking for something different. What I remember was a script that analyzed how many times a block entry on the blacklists was actually blocked, correlate it back to from which blacklist it came from, and from there allow you to have a long-term view of top-blocked and top blacklist.
I guess, some of this I can do with Long-term compute lists via the UI but a little bit more flexibility would be nice. E.g. More than 10, correlate top blocked domains with client for each, etc.

See, so I did remember it wrong. This is the script I meant, forget my rambling about performance at a blocked domain/client level.

The script is super useful, btw, thank you.