Log in failed why me:(

or raspberry pi refuses connection

Yeah but whats the login page i forgot it

If your current devices are configured to use the Pihole as their DNS server, you can access it from http://pi.hole/admin/index.php?login
Using this method you wont need to know the IP address of the Pi.

On that matter, can you explain what you installed the Pihole on?

You said this so I'm assuming you have a separate RasPi set up as a Pi-hole - have you set your router to use the Pihole as the DNS server?

No how do i do that?

Okay another problem i used something like piholestomp
But hires my error This site cannot be reached The DNS address of pi.hole cannot be found

I'm assuming that quote is in reference to:

If that is the case, then make sure you have followed the post installation instructions (and maybe go back and confirm you have followed all the steps prior to that). The very first link in that page shows you the general steps on how to set the Pihole as the DNS server for your DHCP hosts.
I should note that it is not a step-by-step guide for every make router out there, so I would heavily advise that if you're not comfortable with making changes and don't know how to make backups, that you should either get some help or hold off until you've done your research and are knowledgeable with the steps ahead.

It seems to me that you haven't set the Pihole as the DNS server inside the router - because of that no clients are being assigned this information via DHCP.

I have searched for 'piholestomp' and 'pihole stomp' but found no results, so I have no idea what you are referring to there.

This error would have occurred when you tried http://pi.hole/admin/index.php?login, proving that whatever device you are using does not have the Pihole set as it's DNS server.
If you try this should give you a different error - could you provide us with that too?

You guessed it right This page is not reachable192.168.2.11 took too long to respond

i tried it again i forgot to start my raspberry

finally i made it thank you! :slight_smile:

one thing how do i connect it to an pc or phone?
and how do i find request to servers?
if i want something to my blacklist just tip the url?

it looks that my other adblocker is doing his job i checked it whit f12
Failed to load resource: net::ERR_BLOCKED_BY_CLIENT
Banner-Ad-Adv-1.jpg:1Failed to load resource: net::ERR_BLOCKED_BY_CLIENT
Banner-Ad-Adv-2.jpg:1 Failed to load resource: net::ERR_BLOCKED_BY_CLIENT

After you've set the Pihole as the DNS server in your router, any device that connects to your network will 'connect to it' thanks to DHCP. Without adding the Pihole to the router settings, you would have to manually assign you Pihole as the DNS server for every device - which isn't advisable.

Once the Pihole has been set up as the DNS server for your devices, any time you do anything that requires an IP address, your device will query the Pihole for it. So in essence, you just keep using your internet browser as normal.

That sentence doesn't fully make sense but if you meant 'If I want something added to my blacklist do I just add the url to the blacklist page' then yes. There's a very handy white/blacklist in the admin page that the developers have made very easy to use.

You can use multiple ad-blockers alongside Pihole if you wish. You can see what ad domains are being blocked in the Pihole web interface under the Query Log tab also.

Pihole is very simple to set up and once done generally doesn't need to be touched again (other than for updates), so you should be okay from then on.

another problem i cant find the login page of my router to set the DNS server

Routers are typically the first address in the network - in your case it should be

I'd like to point this statement out again. Please don't mess around with things you aren't sure what they will do.

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good to know but did u found an solution cuz my router refused the connection
btw i have an raspberry pi community so if u want join idk if promoting is allowed so
please say it if its not allowed

Admin Edit: No, your links are not allowed.

I have no knowledge of your router, network, or much else for that matter.
Typically home networks are on the 192.168.[0-1].0/24 ranges. The fact that you're on the network suggests to me that this is a custom configuration. Because you don't know how to get the IP address of your router suggests that you're not the one who set up this network and probably shouldn't be trying to change it - I could be wrong though.

I don't want to sound patronising but maybe you should configure the DNS server on one of your end devices (e.g. a laptop/desktop) manually for now to see the immediate benefits of the Pihole on that device.

thats what i tried but its not working

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