Links open slowly on mobile browsers (mainly iOS Safari)

Dear Community,

I have a little but annoying problem:

Expected Behaviour:

Open links just as fast as it would do in a desktop browser.

Actual Behaviour:

If I open a link on my iOS device (I mainly use iOS devices and I just use Android for testing mostly I can't say for sure that this is only on iOS or mobile browsing) it takes forever to load...

The problem is worse if I open a link in the Facebook app (which uses it's in-app browser).
However if I redirect that link from Facebook to Safari (or Chrome doesn't matter) it would also take a lot of time to load there. If it finally loads, then all links after that opens quickly.
If I disable Pi-hole this behaviour is gone completely.

I have tried these iptables rules, I have only found this reference which might help with sites taking forever to load:

However it says that this might not be needed after v4.0, but I have tried it with and without these rules. Nothing changed.
Also I can't understand that this happens on every page, not on specific pages. And after the first try, if it finally loads, it will load that site and all consecutive sites properly.

Can someone point me what can be the problem here?


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