LAN connected devices working but not WAN

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Expected Behaviour:

I am trying to get Pi-hole to work with both wired and wireless devices on my home network. I currently have my Pi-hole running on a Raspberry Pi zero that is connected to my TP Link AX11000 MU-MIMO Tri-Band Gaming router via ethernet. The TP link is connected to a AT&T Uverse router that provides the internet connection. Wired devices that I have been able to confirm are working with Pi-hole while it is set up as DHCP server are two Windows 10 machines, one Ubuntu machine, and one Rasbian OS machine.

Actual Behaviour:

Currently I have Pi-hole working on ethernet connected devices but only after using it as a DHCP server. Anytime I try to manually enter the DNS address for my Pi-hole ( it causes my TP-Link to have an error saying " To avoid IP conflict with the front-end device, your router's IP address has been changed to (instead of its normal This router is connected to an AT&T router that has its base IP address set to I have three wireless networks coming from my TP link router and none of them are currently using Pi-hole. All my wired devices are working with Pi-hole.

Attached is a link of screen shots from my router settings and Pi-hole DHCP settings.Struggling with Pi-hole - Album on Imgur

Debug Token:

On the screenshots you still have the DHCP service enabled on the router:



Ok after unchecking that I believe it is working. Thanks for spotting that for me!

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Clients initially broadcast a DHCP request to all devices connected to your network segment.
If the router DHCP is able to reply quicker via the WiFi route than Pi-hole DHCP can, the clients will accept DHCP options from the router instead of Pi-hole's DHCP.

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