Issues with PiHole (dnsmasq) DHCP - no leases left

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Expected Behaviour:

to be able to configure necessary dhcp settings/range/options and it work accordingly

Actual Behaviour:

i have ample space in my dhcp range, but find that not all clients are able to receive dhcp information (ip address). in the pihole.log, i'll see this "no leases left", even though the range is not exhausted at all, only a fraction is used, yet it complains there is no space. i've even tried increasing the range to a /25 and even /24, and still it complains. not sure what is going on.

Debug Token:

Your debug token is:

thank you kindly in advance,


Please send us the token generated by

pihole -d

or do it through the Web interface:

my apologies, updated the above with it.



So after some more googling and double-checking my settings, I commented out this setting "dhcp-lease-max=12", which has fixed my lease issue. The default is "1000". Guessing it was late and perhaps I thought it meant the max lease time rather than it actually meaning the max number of leases dhcp will dish out. doh :frowning:

Will update should I still have issues, thanks.


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