Issue with yahoo adverts not blocking with BT Home home hub 2

I followed this setup here as I bought a kit from them:

I have a BT Home hub 2 and it does not support IPv6 so I had to disable it, I followed this:

And the issues are that some adverts are blocked and some not, Yahoo is the biggest issue so I assume some adds works with IPv6.

I spent 3 days tweaking had all sorts of results, I first had adverts blocked on PC and not on my android device and also the other way around not both. Now only some adverts are blocked on yahoo. I done so much playing around with BT an pihole settings i'm at a lost.

I hope I provided all that I needed, I cant think of anymore. Sorry I cant be anymore specific, I have learning difficulties and this is such a deep learning curve. I never did anything like this before.

Debug Token:

If you have IPv6 disabled, you aren't getting any IPv6 traffic in/out of your network.

Your debug log shows that Pi-hole is working and processing DNS traffic:

   [2021-06-11 08:59:20.679 529M] Imported 21566 queries from the long-term database
   [2021-06-11 08:59:20.682 529M]  -> Total DNS queries: 21566
   [2021-06-11 08:59:20.682 529M]  -> Cached DNS queries: 4572
   [2021-06-11 08:59:20.682 529M]  -> Forwarded DNS queries: 12052
   [2021-06-11 08:59:20.683 529M]  -> Blocked DNS queries: 4699
   [2021-06-11 08:59:20.683 529M]  -> Unknown DNS queries: 0
   [2021-06-11 08:59:20.683 529M]  -> Unique domains: 1788
   [2021-06-11 08:59:20.683 529M]  -> Unique clients: 11
   [2021-06-11 08:59:20.683 529M]  -> Known forward destinations: 3

These tools may help you determine the source of the ads you are seeing:

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