Is there a way to get/extract data on a specific local IP address to which sites it is accessing?

I have a couple of devices I would like to know to whom they are talking when they are connected to my network.

To zoom in on a specific client IP's requests within the last 24 hours, simply click on your desired client from a Top Clients list on the dashboard.

Alternatively, start with the Query Log and use the Filtering options as explained at the bottom of the screen.

Edit: Of course, client filtering will only be possible for client devices who send their DNS queries directly to Pi-hole.

I'm not getting that, so I went to the "tools/network" to try that way.

This is what happens:

How do your Top Clients views look like?

I think this is what you mean.

It isn't showing the device when it connects.

AFAIK it is using PiHole as the DNS. It is wireless and connects to my WAP. The WAP has PiHole as the DNS.

Is your WAP one of the clients you see, i.e. either nuc or gateway?

Yes, it is the gateway.

But for the DNS it is pointing to PiHole.

You are using Pi-hole as your gateway's upstream DNS server then.
Your clients still send their DNS queries to your gateway, which forwards them to Pi-hole.
Hence all DNS requests will be seen as orginating from your gateway as a single client.

It would be preferred to distribute Pi-hole as local DNS server via your gateway's DHCP server, see Making your network take advantage of Pi-hole.

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