iOS & DNS blocking

As discovered in DNSSEC: Spotify and Apple podcasts on iOS (which unfortunately has been closed automatically) iOS devices behave different than Windows and Android devices.

I had and still have issues with

  • Spotify podcast downloads/streaming —> see linkes topic
  • surfing few websites, the newest one not loading at all is

One „solution“ for the Spotify issue is to disable DNSSEC, immediately everything works.

Now with I don’t even see any requests in Pi-Hole from the affected iDevice (Windows and Android: works flawlessly).

Because of this I assume those requests don’t even leave the device itself but seem to be blocked locally. But because of what?

  • Advanced Tracking Protection in Firefox is disabled
  • Adblocking Apps for Safari have been disabled
  • Is there something in the system?

It really impacts daily browsing a lot meanwhile and I‘m thankful for any ideas.