Installed Pi-Hole On Ubuntu...Next Steps

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I spun up an Ubuntu VM and have installed PiHole and it is up and running. My issue now is that I do not know how to edit my Edge Router 3 to force all traffic to Pi-Hole?

Hi @jfb thank you for the response!

I have set in my Edge Router 3 that the DNS is which is also the address of the VM running Pi-Hole. I left my Edge Router 3 to assign DHCP (I think I read that was okay) since I am forwarding the DNS to Pi-Hole.

I guess what I’m not understanding is I know there are additional devices on my network (IP addresses) but when I look at the Network Tab from the admin interface it only shows 4 IP’s that are in Green. And the IP of the “host machin” the one I am running the Pi-Hole VM on is not listed either…and I have made multiple google searches and navigated to multiple websites from this host machine.

Why is this data not being logged?

If you are seeing queries from all your clients in Pi-Hole, then you are set and I would not worry about the network tab. This command from the Pi terminal will tell you which clients have connected to Pi-Hole in the past 24 hours:

echo ">top-clients withzero (15)" | nc 4711

Thanks again for that info!

How do I open up the terminal to run the command from the web interface?

You don’t run this from the Pi-Hole web interface. You log into the Pi terminal the same way you did when you installed Pi-Hole. Typically this is through a ssh login from another client.

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