Instal of PiHole on DLink Router not working


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I have have made two instals of PiHole on two raspberrypi’s - the first one is set up on an Airport Express router and I have changed the router’s DNS to the PiHole and it works just fine. The second one is on a DLink 850 router and it does not work. I read many reports about the inablility to change DNS settings for LAN on DLink so I am just changing the DNS settings on my Macbook that’s linked to the router through LAN

Expected Behaviour:

Ad Blocking

Actual Behaviour:

No Ads are being blocked

Debug Token:



Can you post screenshots of the D-link “DHCP server” options ?

If it lacks the options to assign DNS servers to the clients through DHCP, alternatives are to configure all your clients DNS settings manually or …
disable DHCP on the router and activate the DHCP service from Pi-hole as a replacement:


I’ve tried to activate the Pi-Hole DHCP server but then the Pi-Hole cannot access the internet due to the inability to set LAN DNS on the D-Link router. Now I have set the client DNS to the Pi-Hole server but ads are still not blocked alas!


I cant see the settings that are required to push a DNS server to the clients through DHCP.
Best is to use Pi-hole’s DHCP service.
If you configure Pi-hole’s “Upstream DNS Servers” to that of for example Google’s, you circumvent DNS resolution via your router (take it out of the loop).

Do you have an example link with ads ?

And when on the clients, you do below lookup, does your Pi-hole IP address display like in below example where my Pi-hole IP is ?

$ nslookup pi.hole
Address 1:

Name:      pi.hole
Address 1:


I used this and disabled my router’s DHCP server. In this case Iost connection to the internet. I could ping the Pi-hole from the client but nslookup ‘hostname’ was not connecting.

I then went back to routers DHCP and setting ip address of Pi-Hole as DNS on my client and in this case, I was back on the internet but no ad blocking (for example on [Mod Edit: Link no longer available])


Did you disconnect & reconnect network on the client or reboot it after you switched DHCP from router to Pi-hole ?
Whenever you change DHCP settings, you need to do the above or those settings wont propagate (or wait until the DHCP lease expires which could take a long time).

What do you mean, you literally typed “nslookup ‘hostname’” ?
Why didnt you try “nslookup pi.hole” ?
If you want to query a particular DNS server in your network, you could do like so:

nslookup pi.hole <IP_DNS_SERVER>

What “Upstream DNS Servers” do you have configured on the Pi-hole web GUI ?

Try below one, it should display a nice block page:


Yes - I did that - software and hardware restart on routers and pihole

I tried nslookup pi.hole and also nslookup PiHole2 (which is the hostname I have given to this particular PiHole) - both didn’t work



You said you were able to ping Pi-hole after the switch but were unable to do DNS lookups against it.
Were you able to SSH into the PI after the switch ?
Flipping on the Pi-hole DHCP service should not alter any of the IP details for Pi-hole.
It could be that your router does something like below:

I can see this settings in your router “Enable DNS relay”, not sure what that one does but you could try disabling it (for diagnosing) ?

You could also try connecting a CAT5 cable straight from Pi-hole to one of your clients.
See if the client receives an IP address from Pi-hole and try to do the lookup again with the router out of the loop.


Yes, I have been able to ssh into the pi-hole throughout. I cannot ping the router from pi-hole with DHCP on pi-hole

Flipping on the DHCP server on the pi-hole changes the IP address of the pi-hole to outside the range specified - I guess that’s normal?

Rebind protection - I guess that’s what my router is doing - I don’t know how to turn it off though, its a D-Link DIR850 router and I’ve seen many issues that people have logged with this router on pi-hole

Tried - with no luck :frowning:

Will try when I get my hands on a suitable adapter - I am using a PiZeroW for the pi-hole server and it doesn’t have a CAT5 port unfortunately.

I have now gone back to the following config:
DHCP on router
Client connected via Ethernet to router and DNS on client pointing to Pi-hole ip address
Ads are still not blocked - I ran pihole -d and uploaded the debug data - token is ndis41x35d

Quite confused actually!
Thanks for all the prompt help!


Check Pi-hole’s IP before you switch it on, and what is it after ?

ip a

It should not change.

“Range of IP addresses to hand out” best set the same as on the router.

Check this:

And maybe reboot PC to clear some cache.


All the tools to play with.

Lookup domains using your OS DNS settings on Windows or Linux:

nslookup <DOMAIN>

To query a particular DNS server.

nslookup <DOMAIN> <DNS_SERVER>

Show IP, subnet and MAC for Pi-hole or Linux client.

ip a

Show IP details for Windows client:

ipconfig /all

A nice link that should always show the block page:

Query Pi-hole for domains:

pihole -q <DOMAIN>

Reconfigure Pi-hole IP address:

pihole -r

Flush cache on a Windows client:

ipconfig /flushdns

Flushing cache on Linux depends who’s doing caching (could be dnsmasq too same as Pi-hole).

Problem resolving local hostnames