Ignore explicit whitelisted domains from query log

I have a heating system at home. That system is polling every 2 seconds to the manufacturer (probably for the "system is disconnected" push notification).

Once whitelisted the domain I was hoping the domain wouldn't show up in the query anymore. But it still appears in the query log, which makes finding domains to block very hard.

Would be great when you explicitely whitelist a domain, it could be filtered from the query log. By default or by a setting?

Thanks anyway for this usefull app for my raspberry

Had a similar problem with wifi lights pinging every 5 seconds.

Find the mac address and place this in your /etc/dnsmasq.d/ directory.

cd /etc/dnsmasq.d/

wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/deathbybandaid/piadvanced/master/piholetweaks/dnsmasqtweaks/04-bypass.conf

nano 04-bypass.conf
(replace mac address)

dnsmasq --test
(tests the configuration)

sudo reboot

Which mac address do I need to enter? from the remote host or from the local sytem device? and in which format do I need to put it into the file?

Find the mac address of the heating system.

Where it says M.A.C.A.D.D.R.E.S.S , put your devices mac address there.

Essentially, what this does is completely bypasses the pihole dns, and sends those querys directly to google's dns.

The reason I asked the format is because it isn't working. Still a lot of entries inside the query log to the heating system API. Two times almost every second :frowning:

I know that for my lights, I had to reboot those too. Maybe rebooting your heating system as well.

I'm not sure what you mean by 'format'. Mac addresses look something like


I was wondering the format for the bypass config file because it has dots for example and I know it's with a semicolon officially but it could be that the config required something else.
Nevertheless; it doesn't work both.
Also rebooted all systems but that doesn't work either. Still a lot of entries in the query log.
I will investigate tomorrow again :slight_smile: thanks anyway

mac addresses must be in lowercase or it wont work

MAC addresses should work in either upper or lowercase, they are just hexadecimal values.

That's what I figured,,,, I have mine set up with uppercase, and it works,

I updated the file on github with colons to make it a little more intuitive. silly mistake on my part.

I tried everything you said guys.. But no luck
Can it be that the 04-bypass filename is not reached since I have 01-pihole first, 02-my-own-local-dns-machines in place? Do I need to change the order maybe?

Also didn't change anything.. After some searching I found this solution;


And this seems to work!

Bleh! didn't work either.. Pretty annoying the query log from pihole is full with API requests from my Honeywell heating system. Also don't know why it polls so many times in a minute, but okay...

Configurations are read in what's called lexicographical order, meaning a-b0-9, so anything with a higher number is read after the others. Files starting with 99 are usually read last and are for absolute overrides on anything previously read.

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