I concatenated every BlockList I could find



Ok here is a Windows host file editor I tried selling fo one AUD free install.

You will need to run Quick Basic 64 (QB64) from https://www.qb64.org/
There is a helpful forum community to help with coding.

Can be modified to do what ever you want like a small scale PI-Hole

Open resource monitor in network activity and highlight the one you want. > CTRL C.

Image PID Address Send (B/sec) Receive (B/sec) Total (B/sec)
firefox.exe 5000 202 198 400

Add at a blank part of program putting a REM statement in front to allow you to run program to block and unblock things.

Currently I switch between Simple phone and Smart old phone for contact on twitter hits both devices ???

Ps Thank you for the maths sort out. But there is the cost of the Edison around $5 lasts 300 hours (Guess cold filament turn on)


A summary of the lists.
Note: The number of domains is not correct when using these lists I will one day try and sort it out.


old hosts file 350 mb was 21 segments Git hub limit now have better free host.

Sorted and uniq hosts from above list 128 mb


Piholewin short

Youtube blocklist


version 4 16 3 19 add blocker 4. in QB64
Also blocks IP’s.


QB64 add blocker source.


I have to add that officially none of this is supported or endorsed by Pi-hole in any way. Personally I would not download random executable files from sites that can not be verified. This may all be with the best intents but it’s getting to be borderline questionable as to being allowed on this site.


Ok I am very sorry. Thank you for pulling me up!