I concatenated every BlockList I could find

Lists updated
Github has hard limit of 100mb per file and a warning at 50 mb. I had a 150 mb file sneek in.

Text format of all blocklists.
Note: The yacysearchengine one blocks google


I know you said "yacysearchengine " blocks google but I have that one unchecked and google is still being blocked. How do I remove that list all together? I cant figure out which file is blocking google.

Try asking at your Pihole IP /admin/queryads.php and see which list it shows in.
You could also WhiteList Google.

Find Ad Domain In Lists
Search exact match. I just did mine.

Exact match for google.com found in:
Hey could some one check this list eg wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/StevenBlack/hosts/master/hosts
Not sure if it is a bug?

I will add this list soon and if any one has a bitcoin mining site that is updated I will add it to my lists.


Completely useless. For example,

ziggo.nl?????????? do you have kpn isp?
A lot of google urls, so maps is not or bad working. maps.google.nl, maps.google.com, accounts.google.com
twitter and facebook also speedtest.net
Completely useless lists witch this sort of blocking.

Also pi-hole can't run it good. On a amd A10 cpu. Pihole gets stuck a lot when useing this lists.

appleid.apple.com needs to be whitelisted, thanks!

Here is my whitelist - DNSlock-PiHole-whitelist/whitelist.list at master · raghavdua1995/DNSlock-PiHole-whitelist · GitHub.

This list does not contain facebook/twitter/Instagram/Pinterest/Reddit domains because I have blocked them deliberately.


'letsencrypt.org' is on the list. Could we have it unblocked?
'www.googleapis.com' youtube mobile app not working on iphone


Updated lists including https://github.com/ZeroDot1/CoinBlockerLists#donations

@anno @ajp2k17 @raghavdua1995 @duceduc

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Maybe I missed it (or I am just dumb, both are possible =P) but is the https://smokingwheels.github.io/Pi-hole/allhosts the only list we need to get your blocklist SmokingWheels? Add that link to the list, save, save and update and the pi hole will do the rest?

is this being updated :blush:

Check out the github link(s). I would say anything in the past couple months means its being updated.

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I have done a lot of the same thing. A lot of the lists have errors in them. When my Pi-hols starts I get lots of messages like:

May 29 23:02:42 dnsmasq[435]: bad name at /etc/pihole/gravity.list line 1954488

And if I look at that line, sure enough there will be something malformed in it.

My first thought was to grep out all of the "bad name" errors and write a little script to just remove those lines. Only I can not find any of the lines with those errors in the log.

Can someone tell me where these are stored on the pi?

Also, a suggestion for the developers. Have a command line switch to have the Pi-hole make a new master list omitting anything it does not like. It preens over the list anyway, why not have an option to report what it finds and clean it up. Keep the original under a new name.

I also suspect that I have a bunch of dupes in my master file, but I figure I will attack them after I get the malformed stuff fixed. Is it just my perception or does the logging of the malformed lines make the Pi-hole boot up much slower?

Anyway, thanks for a great piece of software. Please consider my idea for having a switch to preen the file over. It seems silly to have a seperate tool to do something the Pi-hole already has the core of.


/etc/pihole/gravity.list is the file youre looking for specifically

also any duplicates are filtered out as a part of the gravity porocess

Thanks for the reply, but I was not clear about the question. I want to know where the errors are logged. The line in the error tells you where the file with the error is.

I looked in /var/log but nothing with the "bad name" string was found. Where are those error logged?

By default, dnsmasq logs daemon.debug. In /etc/syslog.conf look for debug to
see which log file and where located.

Try sudo systemctl status --no-pager --full -u dnsmasq.service or if you're running FTL, sudo systemctl status --no-pager --full -u pihole-FTL.service

As for the Feature Request, feel free to start a new post in the Feature Request category so that it's voted on by the community and will help us with priority.

Wow, thank you again for the wicked fast reply. I do not have a syslog,conf. Or I could not find it:

root@raspberrypi:/etc# find / -name syslog.conf

I am running...

root@raspberrypi:/etc# more os-release
PRETTY_NAME="Raspbian GNU/Linux 9 (stretch)"
NAME="Raspbian GNU/Linux"
VERSION="9 (stretch)"
SUPPORT_URL="RaspbianForums - Raspbian"

Thank you again!!

Hi Dan,

Truthfully I am not sure which one I am running. One of the gotchas with the "one line" installer. Whatever you get by default. However, neither of the commands works, they both object to the -u switch.

root@raspberrypi:/etc# systemctl status --no-pager --full -u dnsmasq.service
systemctl: invalid option -- 'u'
root@raspberrypi:/etc# systemctl status --no-pager --full -u pihole-FTL.service
systemctl: invalid option -- 'u'