How to submit a feature request? or rather: a suggestion for how to better label it how you can submit one

so first of all sorry, but I just recently started using pihole and have a suggestion but I cant really submit a feature request (?) here on the forum, and haven't really found anything anywhere why this might be the case.
If I put my cursor over the Open Draft in the Feature Request button it just shows the "can't do symbol" but without any tooltip this doesn't help.

Maybe this is a stupid question but I really don't know how to put in a request ^^'


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So, apparently I had to get some form of trust factor high enough, which is nowhere clear (especially since I didn't scoll down far enough for it to register that I read the guidelines)

I like pi-hole and just wanted to maybe suggest a feature that others might like too. I am probably also tenacious enough to ask why something doesn't work.
But maybe someone isnt and just has a suggestion from a not-as-tech-savy perspective for pihole, in which case this might deter them.

If the goal is to verify accounts, just have a pop-up onscreen that says "hey, if you want to do XYZ, then please at first say how your experience with pihole is so far in THIS thread".
This way they participate and can share their stories.


edit: edited the title so my thoughts are more clear now

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There are couple of ways to do this.

(1) Spend some time browsing the site to increase the trust level the system gives new users, or

(2) Post it in the general topic, and one of the moderators can convert it to a feature request after review.

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Thanks jfb for your reply,
but if you register you dont really see that, so it might be useful to state that somewhere when you register.

Best, Andy