Allow multiple IP entries for one domain in Local DNS Records

Why was this posted in general instead of Feature Requests?

It seems I do not have the required trust level to post in the correct category. When looking for the requirements toward being able to create a new topic in said category, I noticed a lack of information stating you would need to gain a certain trust level. This lead to me searching for related topics already asking the question, which I landed on here, having a moderator (jfb) recommend OP to create said suggestion in general and it would be moved accordingly. Moderator, feel free to edit this out so it doesn't clutter the FR.

When attempting to assign multiple IP addresses to a single DNS entry within the WebUI, I noticed there doesn't seem to be a way to accomplish this. It would be nice to support this within the WebUI so I don't have to manually edit the associated dnsmasq hosts files.

An example way to support this would be allowing IPs to be separated by a comma, as demonstrated below:

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It seems I'm not able to submit a reply, DM, nor mention anybody, so I apologize for the jank way of doing this. However yes, I am referring to "Local DNS Records" and having the ability to assign multiple IPs to a single domain as demonstrated in the image above.

I converted this to a feature request.

Just to be clear: you're talking about the "Local DNS Records"?

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Just hang out a bit more in the forum and you will gain a trust level and be able to do more things.

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