How to remove from analysis

I have an AppleTV making a request to about 12 times a minute. Is there a way to keep this out of the statistics page?

I do have these options set in pihole-FTL.conf:


Exclude domains from the Top lists by entering them in Settings > API.

If you want to keep them out of the Query Log then there's no current way to filter them but there is an open Feature Request for it, and it's being looked at for Pi-hole v6.

If it's a problem then a workaround could be to make the Apple TV use your router, instead of your Pi-hole, for DNS (although it would then have no blacklisting). To do that you can create a custom dnsmasq file for your Apple TV using the approach detailed in the Create bypass config section in this post.

Thanks for the reply. My work-around is to use the router for the DNS but as you pointed out, I will lose ad blocking. I will play with the Exclude domains portion. The ideal solution would be to find out why the AppleTV is making 40,000+ of these requests per day but I realize that is outside the scope of Pi-Hole support.

It looks like the Apple TV doing some discovery. I wonder if there is a way to respond to this so that Apple TV is happy and stops asking.

I read though the link you posted but didn't understand much of it. I will say that my network is pure IPv4. No IPv6 configured.

So I enabled IPv6 on the one interface only (the one the AppleTV uses to connect). Doing so had no effect; it still hits this address every 7-8 seconds.

This is pretty odd, because I've had an AppleTV for years and I don't see any such queries (OK, Blocked or otherwise) in my Pihole log. And I probably have the device in use at least 6 hours a day.

I have an IPv4-only WAN connection (IPv6 disabled on the router WAN side), but I allow my devices to use IPv6 LLAs if they choose to. However the AppleTV is only showing an IPv4 address in the Settings.

The router is the DHCP server, and all DNS queries go directly to the Pihole.

I do see lots of queries from the AppleTV to or similar with the variable being the -cxxx- portion, on the rate of about 4 times per minute (one A record and another HTTPS record at the same time). The A query returns IP, the HTTPS query returns NODATA.

Don't know if that's useful, but I thought I'd provide another data point for your research.

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Thanks for taking the time to reply, @nprampage. Apple is notorious for poorly documented features and this is no exception. I did a factory reset of the device last night, re-setup, and found that it has been silent for at least the past 24 hours.

Looking at the network at my parents house though, their iPad is exhibiting similar behavior, except in this case thousands of queries to:


And only a few hundred to:

Yeah, I get those lb._dns-sd and _dsn.resolver queries as well coming from all my Apple devices (phones, iPads, etc.). Always have, I suppose, and I assume it's normal traffic. I know the second lookup you have is a reverse-DNS lookup, FWIW.

To give you an idea of the scale, we have 8 or so Apple devices in the house, and over a 24 hour period Pihole logged 1,719 queries (out of 37,177 total queries for all devices).

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