How to filter PTR requests from the query log without blocking them

Expected Behavior:

My router configuration makes a lot of PTR requests, which makes the query log nearly useless for blocking/unblocking domains as needed. I don't want to block the PTR requests. Blocking PTR requests made my routers behave badly. I just want them to stop showing in the query log.

Actual Behavior:

A billion useless PTR records that I don't want to see int the query log.

What is the nature of the PTR's and why are there a billion of them?

Are the queries not being answered?

Please provide some examples from either your query log (via a screen capture which you can post directly in your reply), or via text from the dnsmasq log at /var/log/pihole/pihole.log.

It's Velops. They spam PTR between the parent and the children. It is this issue:

They aren't the problem, but I don't want to see them since they are just noise. Just wondering is there is a way to tell the query log to not show PTR requests.

You could consider filtering them from some dashboard lists via Settings | API, but they would still be logged.

But maybe there is a way to influence the frequency of those PTR lookups.
Could you manually run such a reverse lookup and share the ouput?

dig -x <IP>

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