How to configure Pi-hole with my Binatone DT920W router


My hardware

  • A macbook
  • 3 Android Devices
  • 1 Google Home Mini
  • 1 Amazon Echo

I have purchased this kit

I have connected the kit to my HDMI monitor and Externa Keyboard mouse, for now, to set up.

My router is Binatone DT920w something similar to

My Kit is connected to my router via LAN cable. Both are on same Wi-Fi.

I have read this guide How do I configure my devices to use Pi-hole as their DNS server? BUT I’m unable to know how to configure my router to use Pi-hole.

I have these two DHCP related screens in my router.


Please help me.


Just put the IP address of Pi-hole into ‘DNS Servers’, simply replace the existing default value.


How to know IP address of Pi-hole?


Ok I got ipaddress by typing

ping pi-hole

and replaced the ID in my router

but ads are still displaying on browser on my Macbook


You have a lease duration of 72 hours, so if you did not renew the lease and flush the DNS cache on the MacBook, it will not use the new DNS.

System Preferences > Network > Advanced > TCP/IP > renew lease

Then flush the DNS cache with this terminal command on the Mac:

sudo killall -HUP mDNSResponder

Your DNS tab on the network preference pane should show the DNS address of the Pi-Hole at this point. This example shows two Pi-Holes in parallel, with the IP for each.

If needed, this command shows the order of the nameservers that your Mac is using:

scutil --dns


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