How is Local DNS and non FQDNs supposed to work

I dont have any apple devices.

What is the name (if any) you have given to your home LAN range?

If you mean local domain name, none (don't have one)

Let's take a look at what is in your dnsmasq log:

grep local /var/log/pihole.log | tail -n15

Doesn't seem to do anything?

This shows that no clients have appended the local domain to a DNS query. This is normal.

No, and it neither should nor can.

mDNS is a zeroconf protocol where clients on the same link auto-assign hostnames to themselves without a central nameserver. As mentioned by jfb, it's commonly supported by Apple's Bonjour and Linux' avahi. Windows support started only with Win10. I'm unaware whether mobile OSs like Android would support it.

For mDNS resolution to work, both the client as well as the resolution target must use mDNS. In additon, they need to be on the same link, unless your router has wide area mDNS support.

Ok so any ideas why DNS resolution isnt working for things in the DNS Records in PiHole?

Did you verify whether DNS is involved?

Use dig or nslookup to analyse DNS issues.

I guess its not DNS but doesn't make sense. The changes I made using 42-unqualified-hosts-forward.conf should send the non FQDN to my router which does know what pi2 is...


Your nslookup results demonstrate that your Pi-hole (at .3) correctly handles DNS requests (what's .4, by the way?).

I agree that your Windows ping behaves strange (though that misbehaviour isn't that uncommon either), but there's nothing that Pi-hole can do about that - if that tool doesn't send a DNS request, Pi-hole cannot provide an answer.

Did you try the alternatives I mentioned, e.g. does ping pi2. work for you?

.3 and .4 are my PiHole's.

Yes I agree but I have same problem with other apps like putty for example, see above screenshot. So this is very strange.

Yes, strangely, however ping pc and ping of other machines works without the dot, why is that?

That would be a question for the developers of ping and the respective other tools, and ultimately for the name resolution service of your Windows OS.

As long as you are able to provide the dotted name, you should be able to force DNS resolution via Pi-hole for your tools.

Although it only seems to be affecting my PiHole's, everything else works fine without the dot

I know it must feel frustrating to not be able to pinpoint that misbehaviour.

Yet I can only state that obviously Pi-hole isn't involved since DNS isn't involved.

Note that your report has not been futile, though.
During investigating your issue, development found a mildly related glitch with dnsmasq that has been reported upstream, and we are also discussing whether we should include that custom option by default (see the beta discussion at "Also forward unqualified host names" creates DNSSEC loop, also for possible unwanted side effects for clients employing DNSSEC in your network).

Still, there isn't much we can do about your client's behaviour, apart from a few speculations outside of Pi-hole's scope.

It could be that your lack of a local domain may be what triggers Windows to disregard DNS resolution.
But then, all your devices should be affected, which doesn't seem to be the case - unless (as Windows name resolution fails to resolve only certain devices) those devices would not support any of the non-DNS means used by Windows.

Hence, would mDNS / avahi be active on those clients?

And revisiting my earlier remarks:
Did you try to configure the single dot as local search domain on that client's network adapter yet?

Do you mean my PiHoles? I don't think so they are using Ubuntu 20+. One is a PI2 and other is VMware VM.

Do you mean like this? It didn't make any difference....

I'd like to have DNSSEC on but when I tried it it broke lots of things so didn't bother.

I'm trying to figure out what rev-server is thats mentioned on that thread in the config? and can you have server in the config multiple times?

Any further ideas on the above? Thanks

So this would solve my issue without the need for the dnsmasq config change?

Assume CF means Conditional Forwarder?

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