How do I increase PHP's memory?

I got the same error, while trying to query for the last 7 days.

The logs show this:

The computer has 2GB. There is 1.3GB available:

There is also a lot of swap available:

Here is my debug token if helps

Increase the amount of memory to PHP, you've got plenty to spare.

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pi@ph5:~ $ sudo nano /etc/php/*/cgi/php.ini
; Maximum amount of memory a script may consume (128MB)
memory_limit = 128M

pi@ph5:~ $ sudo service lighttpd restart
pi@ph5:~ $

pi@ph5:~ $ php-cgi -i | grep memory_limit
<tr><td class="e">memory_limit</td><td class="v">128M</td><td class="v">128M</td></tr>

Thanks for the help! I found the php.ini file and after increasing it to 512M and restarting the lighttpd as you show the problem was gone.


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