How do I clear the blacklist?

I'd like to clear the blacklist. I uploaded a tarball with three black list entries with the teleporter and selected blacklist (exact) and checked the box for clear existing data. It successfully uploaded.

When I go back to the blacklist, I still have all of the previous entries.

I rebooted my pi and ran pihole -g

How many do you have on your blacklist?

You can delete them one by one.

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I have 3,000

Wipe everything and start from scratch. Consider this a learning experience.

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Is there a file on the pi hole that I can delete instead?

I'm not super concerned because they're duplicated with my custom list. I figure dups can't hurt.

Hi, I had a similar problem, and asked in this thread

yubiuser was very helpfull and gave me this answer:

Which version are you using? You can easily delete multiple or all blacklist entirety via Sql on the command line in version v5.

To delete all exact blacklist

sudo sqlite3 /etc/pihole/gravity.db "delete from domainlist where type=1;"

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All the adlists and domain lists are kept in a single database at /etc/pihole/gravity.db. You can manipulate entries in that database from the command line as described in this section of the documentation.

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Hi jfb! Sorry for cross-posting, mind taking a look at this post?

Thank you!!

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