How am I supposed to filter the query logs with a mobile phone browser?

So, since the new update if you want to filter anything in the query logs you have to press control + click or shift + click.

That's all fine while I'm using my desktop... But..
The thing is... What do I do if I'm using my phone? :thinking:

On mobiles you need to type the search term in the search window.

Searching and filtering do not behave exactly the same way. Searching is inclusive while filtering is exclusive.
See the screenshot where I searched for ""

There is an open issue ticket on github, maybe you have a good idea how to design the UI to include all the searching, filtering, selecting on desktop and mobile?

Yes, this is needed. Mobile devices lack certain inputs.

In my world, this does not mean that devices with more input capabilities (like a mouse and keyboard) should refrain from offering such features in addition just for the sake of everything is impossible even if you have only a fat finger as the sole input.

The old UI worked fine in both computers and mobile devices, right? I could agree that having to uncheck a box to select the text was a bit clunky, but at least we had full functionality in both types of devices.

We have an open ear (and eye!) for un-clunky suggestions

The old UI did not have the ability to filter at all. You can see the steps the development took here:

We may be talking about different things, but I used to click on a device or a hostname and it filtered just that.

I think I can see the confusion. On the older UI, clicking on a domain (or client) would populate the search box with the domain (or client) clicked. @yubiuser is technically correct, filtering did not exist on the previous UI, rather a shortcut to populating the search box, did.

So we add this check box back but leave it disabled by default?

Mobile users can then tick the box and auto-copying of the stuff into the search field would happen.

It's more of an issue of storing state. Any ticks and toggles have to be stored somewhere unless you want to tick and toggle every time you load the panel.

Gave this some thought this morning, and came up with the following proof of concept:

Should allow both desktop and mobile users to enjoy the new filtering, with or without a keyboard.

Keep in mind, this is still a draft/WIP but just to give an idea.

Initial testing on dektop and mobile worked very well.


Does not go well with the link for "Blocked (regex blacklist)

Ah, yes, it probably does not. This was probably the thinking behind the modifier key. Back to the thinking room....

Can you distinguish if users click directly on the link text or only in the surrounding box?

Yeah I was just thinking something along these lines. One would have to be very accurate with their clicking, which can be a pain on mobile.

Yeah right...

Adding a small button/icon in the regex box which links to the regex list? Then the easy "default" would be the filtering, and only for detailed regex info users had to aim very precisely.

Keep it as it is. Do not make it harder to use this on the desktop where real research into things may happen.

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