Group Assignment column disappearing in Whitelist/Blacklist pages

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Expected Behaviour:

The Group Assignment column should be appearing between the Comment and Action columns on both the Whitelist page and Blacklist page.

Actual Behaviour:

The Group Assignment column appears once and then will never re-appear unless you clear out your browsing history.

Debug Token:

Further Information:

I can replicate the problem in multiple browsers (Chrome, Edge Chromium, Internet Explorer) on multiple devices.
I have run a repair on pi-hole - no success
I have run a reconfigure on pi-hole - no success
I have completely uninstalled, deleted all traces of pi-hole and performed a fresh install - no success
I am running pi-hole on a Virtual Machine in Hyper V, the Virtual Machine is running Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS

This is the intended behavior. White/Blacklist are meant for easier management for inexperience user coming from v4.0 or users who have no groups configured.
To see the group assignment one has to use Group managemen/domains.

Thanks, but if this truly intended behaviour

  1. Why does it appear in the first place, albeit only once and then come back after clearing browsing data?
  2. Why do other people not seem to have this issue, one of the mods even said they do not see this behaviour on 3 installs of pi-hole v5 and advised me to raise this ticket here (as noted in the below reddit post)?

No sure from a coding perspective but I guess its reusing code from group management and later "hides" the column.

Not sure, but I see it as well.

This is a long post from one of the devs, but close to the TL;DR you find an answer:

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I have this same issue. Upgraded to v5.0 on my Raspberry Pi 3B without issue. I was interested in the new group management features, but I also see the Group Assignment column disappear from the Blacklist/Whitelist page as described above. Clearing browser history restores it temporarily, but it disappears again. Tested on Chrome and Edge on Windows 10.

To clarify what you are seeing, please post a screen capture or two.

There is no Group Assignment column on the Blacklist or Whitelist pages, so I want to ensure we're all looking at the same pages:

There is a Group assignment column on the Group Management > Client, Domain and Adlist Management pages:

Sure. After clearing my Chrome history, this is what I see:

Then I refreshing I see this:

What I think I've figured out, is that we shouldn't expect to see Group Assignment on the Whitelist or Blacklist pages. Rather, it should only show up under Group Management/Clients, Domains, or Adlists.

I didn't realize that the screen shots in the example for Blacklisting and Whitelisting here: ( were not from the old Whitelist or Blacklist pages, but rather from the new Group Management/Domain page.

Thanks for the clarification. I understand now!

groups-domains.php draws the initial table containing all columns. At the end it calls
groups-domains.js which hides the group column.

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