Generate Let's Encrypt Certificates when adding domains

In addition to the post from @ Chrisnet
Suggestions Dns server for lan and multi lan dhcp and his wish about vlan's, i would like to see the ability to generate Let's Encrypt Certificate when adding a Domain.

It would also be nice if wildcard certificates - or one for each host - could be generated.

What is the use case, and how would this improve Pi-hole as an ad blocker?

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Thank you for asking. PiHole is NOT just a filter. Especially not in v5.0, and certainly not with unbound. Of course, someone like you is aware of this. So I'm not sure how I should understand your "question"?

My "question" is very simple. (1) What is the use case for this feature request, and (2) how would this improve Pi-hole as an ad blocker.

You are asking for a new feature, with no explanation of how or why it will be used, or how it will improve the Pi-hole software.

unbound is just another upstream DNS server, and does not affect the core function of Pi-hole. You can run unbound with or without Pi-hole, and run Pi-hole with or without unbound.

Chances are very slim. There's many ways to generate your own certificates. We don't have the time or resources to add external projects or add more code to maintain.

Being sarcastic to the moderators is not a good choice either.