Fresh install - please check log and advise?

The issue I am facing:
Only showing 2 clients firewalla and localhost.

Details about my system:
installed on firewalla blue
What I have changed since installing Pi-hole:
Added Use Conditional Forwarding and added
IP of your router and local domain name lan1.

You have an extra IP assigned:

** [ DIAGNOSING ]: Networking
[✓] IPv4 address(es) bound to the eth0 interface: does not match the IP found in /etc/pihole/setupVars.conf ( matches the IP found in /etc/pihole/setupVars.conf

How/where can I remove it, and can I assume you are referring to as the "extra"? This is the default IP address of the firewalla overlay network, I didn't enter it during the Pi-hole setup so I'm not understanding how it got assigned and how to correct that?

Firewalla is running in DHCP mode now, do I have to change this? I'd rather not.

Please, keep it simple please, this is all new to me. Thanks!

Thanks! How do I go about removing it?


You'll have to ask Firewalla.

Done. Thanks again.