Filter blocked queries by ad list

My suggestion is adding the ability to show blocked queries relevant to a list defined in ad lists.

You mean a new column in the Query log where the "used" adlist is shown? What do you do, if the domain is on more than one adlist?

There is already the a tool available which can show you on which adlist(s) a domain is on: Tools/Query Lists....

I want to be able to select a specific ad list and find all the blocked queries that have been hit relative to that list, if the domain is on more than one adlist, show it anyway.

I know there is a tool to check each domain manually, but that would have to mean I know what I am looking for in the first place. I just want to see how well certain lists are performing as a whole.

I wrote a tool that does almost exactly what you want

It does not output the individual domain that has been blocked for each adlist but the number of blocked domains per adlist. However, the information you want is available in the temporarily created database. You could connect/open this database and have a look at gravity_strip table.


This is awesome, thank you!