Feature Request: add shading or other indicator for DHCP list that is also in static list

There is a DHCP lease list and a STATIC reservation list below it. These work well. Would be nice to flag which ones in the leased list are already in the static reserved list, so user can see the ones that are leased but not reserved. Maybe shade, or have a small icon in the lease list to show it is reserved also. Or could have a filter to show just the ones leased but not in reserved list.

The way I manage this is to not have my DHCP-assigned, static IPs be part of the range. My DHCP range is .100-.109 but I assign static IPs .10-.99. Any new, random client on my network will be in the .100-.109 range. Easy to see in the web UI. Addresses < .10 are for items which are client-defined, static. Things like my router/APs, the Raspberry Pi on which pi-hole runs, etc.

@tomporter518 I do have some static IP's outside of my DHCP range, but the way I'm using PiHole here, is that I reserve the IP address by putting in in the Static list (similar to Linksys router where you reserve the IP in the DHCP list). That way, even though the client is using DHCP, it gets the assigned IP based on it's MAC etc from the static DHCP list. Am I understanding this correctly?

Yes, I do the same thing. I just have my range really small. For a 'new client' that I want to be DHCP'd but also a specific, static address, I just force the IP to a value outside the pool range. I don't really ever use any of my .100-.109 pool for static values. That's just a bucket so I can find new things when I add a device or a have a guest on my network.

@tomporter518 Thanks, sounds like a good method. That way, I can see how you won't see the issue I'm looking at with the double list of similar addresses between the DHCP list and static reserved.

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