Feature Request: Add additional stat to adlist management screen

Posting this Feature Request here, as i cant post in FR topic yet!?

Hey all,
Was just poking around my Pi-hole web UI and I noticed a new feature that gave a little info for each of my adlists (under Group Management).
I have multiple adlists configured on my pihole and they all work fine, but one stat that would be nice to add to that section would be number of requests it blocked to see how 'effective' the ad list that you have added is.

To take this one step further... if that stat is then added, then to have the ability to click the number, and then that would take you to the logs (filtered to that blocklist), showing you the requests that it did block.. that way you can 'Whitelist' certain ones that you think are safe & maybe more important.. which CLIENT keeps requesting those 'blocked' sites! ;p


Multiple adlists could contain the same domain.

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As jfb already said, there is no way for Pi-hole to attribute a single blocked request to a certain adlist because the domain could be included in different adlists.

If you can live with a one to many association, have a look here

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