External regex/wildcard blocklists

Hi guys,

Is it possible to user external blocklists with regular expressions with Gravity?

Thanks in advance.

No. This is an intentional restriction as many lists out on the web work on absolute paths while Pi-hole, being a DNS server, only block on a domain basis. We can discuss this further when you suggest a list you want to use.

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Thank you for the quick reply!

I will come back to this topic when I have elaborated the blocklists.

It been a while since this subject was looked at, however instead of external websites and to alleviate your concerns with the valid claims on the domain issues, how about the user own source or sourced elsewhere material.
Have a rule that the filters comply with the strict regex domain settings and let’s have the ability to import a group of filters into pi-hole. Given this would be much easier since the user can check the regex parentheses for been greedy or to broad in scope before import.
From personal experience of using Privoxy over the years the larger the domain list is, be it in the host file or whatever, the slower the system becomes. No matter how fast your system is, It not going to be fast enough, soon, since the volume of this “ad/trackers” and etc are increasing each year.