Explicit Search in Pi-hole Admin Console

This is a relic of an unresolved merge conflict. Try explicitly hard resetting to the upstream code.

git reset --hard origin/tweak/exact_searching

That fixed it (with a leading sudo). Thanks. Now to test the page.

No select hand when I mouse over a selectable element - just the normal pointer and no ability to select that element for filtering:

On the beta branch (not the tweaking branch), the hand is operational:

I have cleared cache and cookies for the Pi-hole URLs and restarted the browser with no effect.

Same for me, their is (so far) no hint for the filtering functionality- it works with "Command+Click" anyway.

That will be a problem for users.

I would suggest to also change the description of the "Clear Button" from "Clear filtering on domain xx and type yy... and....." to just "Clear all filters"

Okay, two things are open now:

  1. I changed uner interaction from filtering on click to normal table behavior (you can select text, clicks have no consequences). In addition, you can Ctrl+Click to get filtering and Shift+Select to alter it.
    I think this is an improvement. Users who are aware that this was possible before should see the text at the bottom (still has to be written). It has to be sticking out sufficiently that users will pick it up.
  2. If we simplify the button, there will be no mentioning on what we filter on (except, of course, the content of the table itself). I'm not sure why the button would be a bad thing.

Both need further discussing.

I see this feature being a v5.1, not a v5.0 thing as we hope to release the latter really soon now. I'd first like to extend this new handing of the tables (filtering, etc.) to also the long-term database querying, maybe somewhere else as well. This is something that has to be done over time.

So this can be the major change for v5.1 and the main item in the change log + blog post. I think it's fair to teach the users to use Ctrl+click where they have used a simple Click before. The added flexibility will compensate for what is now possible and what wasn't possible before.

Yes it is.

Since you implemented the highlighting I think it is very clear what is filtered on. The button therefore gives no additional information. But it can look a bit....clumsy and overwhelming.


"remove columns to the current filter" --> "remove columns from the current filter"

This has been implemented in v5.1