Docker - SSL certificate to Pi-hole web interface


Is it possible to set SSL cert to Pi-hole web interface on docker image?
There is a nice guide but on normal installation:

When I set volume mapping between docker container and host to "/etc/lighttpd/" for access to config files the Pi-hole not starting.

Easier to just use a proxy image or an actual proxy to handle it. Bonus is that you can get letsencrypt working and not have to worry about the certs.

Dan, what do you mean "proxy image"?
You mean that I can not to configure "lighthttpd" and I should use some "proxy" software outside container?

To handle TLS termination? Yeah, that would be the best option.

Yes, I want to add trusted certificate to https web interface of pihole on docker instalation.
You mean that is a best option to use outside proxy server to do it on docker instalation instead of "doing something" with "lighthttpd" inside of container?

Yeah, that would be the best option.

If proxy with certbot, you somehow have to do the LetsEncript challenge, for renewing the cert, on the proxied host and not the proxy itself ... I experienced.
Probably exists a solution to do that but is something to consider!

Many options.

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