DNSStubListener setting on lubuntu 18.04

I'm essentially experiencing the same behavior detailed in this topic: Dnsmasq not starting - Ubuntu 18.04

I was not able to install pi-hole until editing /etc/systemd/resolved.conf and setting "DNSStubListener=no"

After restarting systemd-resolved, I was able to install pi-hole.

Unfortunately, this results in the consequence of being unable to resolve local IP addresses (I'm using dnsmasq on my router running dd-wrt, which resolves local clients to 'hostname.lan'), so all clients appear in the Pi-hole Admin Console by IP address.

If I stop pihole-FTL, set DNSStubListener=yes, restart systemd-resolved, and then start pinhole-FTL, I can actually see the resolved local hostnames show up in the Admin Console. However, pi-hole will not filter in this state due to dnsmasq-base running on port 53.

Is there some way I can get pi-hole running while still being able to resolve local hostnames?

Debug Token:


you will need to disable dnsmasq in your router for more than just the router ip to appear

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