DNSMASQ dhcp-option editable via webinterface

Would it possible to edit the “–dhcp-option” DNSMASQ options via PiHole Webinterface?
(to support TFTP servers/PXE boot of DHCP hosts)

We can’t/shouldn’t add every option of dnsmasq to the web interface. Is there an issue with creating the config options in the dnsmasq config files normally?

I need this option too to gain access to my TFTP server, an elegant way to do is to have a extra command box so users can write option on it to add to dnsmasq config file ( and must be saved on 02-pihole-dhcp.conf

This last is very usefull because I use pihole in a docker, so edit/change dnsmasq.conf is not an option for me .

but to have a box to add this usefull parameters like DD-WRT does for example is an elegant way to solve the problem.

Please consider to add this option to web interface.


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I really would like to have this option too, so I could allow some devices in the network to bypass pihole without needing to touch the device itself, since I run pihole as my whole internal DHCP :slight_smile: Would love to see this be able to manage from the Webinterface itself. For me a field with “ByPass DNS” and “ByPass Clients”(Can be choosen from existing ones so pihole can handle the client by MAC even if changed IP ^^ ) would be nice to have.