DHCP Server options


One thing that I'm missing for my DHCP server is DHCP Option. I use this feature in my LAN for providing TFTP and PXE server addresses. Is it possible to implement?

Thanks for a great product.

dnsmasq supports TFTP so it's possible; just a matter of implementing it.

Thanks for the comment. Do you mean wait till it is implemented by pihole team in the gui or just do it manually via config file?

You'll likely need to do it via a config file.

Let me know if you do. PXE is one of my projects on my personal list.

Currently, you'll have to do this via a config file. Since the DHCP server is a relatively new feature we added to the Web interface, it doesn't support every feature that dnsmasq supports--at least not yet.

However, since we are open source and influenced by the community, your feature request is votable. Typically, we try to implement the most highly-voted features, but it can depend on a matter of things.

Would it possible to edit the "--dhcp-option" DNSMASQ options via PiHole Webinterface?
(to support TFTP servers/PXE boot of DHCP hosts)

We can't/shouldn't add every option of dnsmasq to the web interface. Is there an issue with creating the config options in the dnsmasq config files normally?

I need this option too to gain access to my TFTP server, an elegant way to do is to have a extra command box so users can write option on it to add to dnsmasq config file ( and must be saved on 02-pihole-dhcp.conf

This last is very usefull because I use pihole in a docker, so edit/change dnsmasq.conf is not an option for me .

but to have a box to add this usefull parameters like DD-WRT does for example is an elegant way to solve the problem.

Please consider to add this option to web interface.


I really would like to have this option too, so I could allow some devices in the network to bypass pihole without needing to touch the device itself, since I run pihole as my whole internal DHCP :slight_smile: Would love to see this be able to manage from the Webinterface itself. For me a field with "ByPass DNS" and "ByPass Clients"(Can be choosen from existing ones so pihole can handle the client by MAC even if changed IP ^^ ) would be nice to have.

Would it possible to edit the "--dhcp-option" DNSMASQ options via PiHole Webinterface?
(to support TFTP servers/PXE boot of DHCP hosts)

Is this FR specific for TFTP options via web interface or generic for all DHCP options?

Is generic for all DHCP options, I do not see problems that you can implement a "extra" line in webGUI to add options on dnsmasq.conf , users only need to refer to dnsmasq.conf guides to see what parameters need to add, in my case "dhcp-option=66,"IP of my TFTP server"

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Old post I know. But I was also looking for information on implementing DHCP Scope Options, like your TFTP option 66 and option 67 to point to the boot file.
There are a whole slew of DHCP Scope Options out there, so listing them all would be "fun." I'm sure.
Microsoft DNS has a pretty good list of common DHCP Scope Options if a reference is needed.