DHCP Server options



One thing that I’m missing for my DHCP server is DHCP Option. I use this feature in my LAN for providing TFTP and PXE server addresses. Is it possible to implement?

Thanks for a great product.


dnsmasq supports TFTP so it’s possible; just a matter of implementing it.


Thanks for the comment. Do you mean wait till it is implemented by pihole team in the gui or just do it manually via config file?


You’ll likely need to do it via a config file.

Let me know if you do. PXE is one of my projects on my personal list.


Currently, you’ll have to do this via a config file. Since the DHCP server is a relatively new feature we added to the Web interface, it doesn’t support every feature that dnsmasq supports–at least not yet.

However, since we are open source and influenced by the community, your feature request is votable. Typically, we try to implement the most highly-voted features, but it can depend on a matter of things.