DNSCrypt flashed in OpenWrt, how do I configure PI-Hole?



Hello everyone

Help, I have a router flashed with OpenWrt and DNSCrypt, does anyone know how to configure Pi Hole correctly?


Pi-hole does not run on routers. Do you mean to ask how to set your router to use Pi-hole?


I think it does not explain to me because of my bad English, I have a small router that runs OpenWrt with DNSCrypt, and I have acquired a small pi rasperry in which I have installed Pi-Hole v4, I have to make a special configuration so that it works correctly. router (OpenWrt with DNSCrypt) and my Rasperry (Pi Hole}.
Thank you


As explained in the link I shared, tell the router to send Pi-hole as the DNS server to clients. Then set the router as the upstream DNS server in Pi-hole.


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