Expected Behaviour:

I want use DNS-Over-HTTPS like explained here, and I actually use DD-WWRT configured as explained here (Method 2 with dhcp-option).

But, both needs to set Pi-Hole custom DNS ("Custom 1 (IPv4)") to a different value:

  • router IP for DD-WRT
  • for DNS-Over-HTTPS

How can I combine the both ?

I don't understand exactly why DD-WRT router IP needs to be set as custom DNS in method 2, so I am not sure I can overwrite it with without issue.

The reason it says to use the router's IP is so you can get local hostname resolution. You can use the conditional forwarding feature in the settings page to forward local domains to the router for resolution.


To summary:

  • => Custom DNS
  • Router IP => Conditional forwarding

I am not on development branch but on master (I don't know how stable is the dev branch).
I see a "CONDITIONAL_FORWARDING" option in "/etc/pihole/setupVars.conf"

Is equivalent to set it to "true" and adding following in file ?

(Values founds on GitHub code.)

Conditional forwarding is only in FTLDNS and newer.

OK, thanks. I'll wait the release to use it. :slightly_smiling_face:

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