Discourse topic fails to open with edge chromium

For example, the link Adchoices is my whitewhale (topic title "Adchoices is my whitewhale") doesn't open. There is no problem when using firefox, so it is NOT DNS related.. It looks like a smartscreen problem, because the only domain in the querylog (after a refresh) is nav.smartscreen.microsoft.com (allowed)

Anybody knows what setting I need to change in edge chromium? I only appear to be able to turn off smartscreen entirely (not recommended)

I've noticed this once or twice before. it may be a bug in the underlying Discourse software. I see it also on Chrome.

Loading that page shows the following in the developer tools console:

Edit to add: Interestingly, if I click into the topic from the front page, then it loads fine

Try a hard cache refresh.

So, Ctrl+F5 works to refresh the page, but then a normal refresh takes it back to that error page.

Confirmed in incognito mode, too. Initially loads fine, but subsequent reloads of the page error out.

Only thing I'm seeing that's odd is

Slightly off-topic:
MS smartscreen was notorious for sending complete URLs unencrypted(!) towards MS servers at nav.smartscreen.microsoft.com, giving them even more details than a DNS history.

Other browsers offer similar features, but compare a hash derived from the URL to a downloaded list of hashes to do so.

MS switched Edge to a Chromium engine not long ago, but still that issue may persist (I haven't checked though, and I don't use Edge).

I'll bootstrap a new web_only container and see what happens.

Cool. I was going to suggest we also mention @codinghorror - perhaps it's a known issue.

That said, he'll probably (rightly) tell us to bugger off over to https://meta.discourse.org/ :smirk:

Okay, and I've tweaked the CDN and removed a config for user letter avatars that was pinned to an old version.

New container is up.

Still seeing the same behaviour

Yep. Some posts on Meta about ServiceWorkers and supposedly they were removed from use a year or so ago.

That topic opens fine in my Edge Chromium?

And that's with pi-hole running, though I have not updated to the very very latest pi-hole quite yet.

edit: updated to latest pi-hole, and that URL still loads fine in Edge. Since the URL contains "adchoices" my strong suspicion is that something ad block related is interfering, but my pi-hole (which is more or less default config) isn't blocking it on my network..

Hey @jpgpi250 & @PromoFaux,

There are some optional rules / lists in software like uBlock that will block routes matching the .*ads.*.json regex. That topic will certainly trigger it.

Can you please try in a session without extensions?


I can repro it on Firefox, uBlock is blocking it:


Looks like it matches line 1784 of Easylist.


Yeah, I'm seeing

When the link is opened in a new tab via right click. Firefox Windows 10.

But it seems to work fine when UBO is disabled.

Screenshot 2021-01-27 175203

Yes, so it's working as intended.

I'd advise power users here to disable their adblocks on this instance as this will always trigger lots of false positives.


Ah yes, I have local browser-based adblock disabled here. Should have mentioned that:


thanks for the assist @FalcoFantastic :clap:


I think this may have been a fluke, the topic title just happened to be written is such a way that it triggered a /adchoices filter. Any other title, or the word adchoices in a different place in the title, would not have tripped it.

I'm fine with users keeping their adblocks here, there's no current or future need to monitize this support platform. But thank you very much for finding that so quickly and coming by to help us out!!

Edit: And that's awesome that Jeff has his own extension with his avatar! :laughing:

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Off-topic but still: Why are users still running adblockers like UBO ? I do not run anything besides Pi-hole (with standard list(s)) and this is perfectly fine for me. But I may have simply be trained to look away from the remaining few ads that may (or not) be still there. At the very least I don't recall having seen any obtrusive blinking ads in a very very long time (> years).

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There are some ads that cannot be blocked by Pi-hole (same domains as the content), and users also use the browser extensions to clean up pages around missing elements.