Diagnostic message

see also this topic and this solution.

Pi-hole version is development-v6 v5.17.1-217-gaf9b8df1 (Latest: v5.17.2)
web version is development-v6 v5.19-462-ge0ca2b2b (Latest: v5.20.2)
FTL version is development-v6 vDev-6e25f5c (Latest: v5.23)

problem was solved, however, since the latest update i get a message:

I assume this is caused by the new pihole.toml setting:

  # Should FTL load additional dnsmasq configuration files from /etc/dnsmasq.d/?
  etc_dnsmasq_d = false

changed this setting to 'etc_dnsmasq_d = true'

REQUEST: We need to be warned when settings are added or removed during 'pihole -up', this to prevent unwanted changes to pihole's behaviour, caused by changed settings!

Consider this from the point of view of running beta code.

The change from v5 to v6 is a breaking change, the process of updating from v5 to v6 will be documented, things you need to watch out for will be documented. Things that will break your existing configuration will be documented.

You won't get any of these changes in a random pihole -up. They will happen once, when upgrading from v5 to v6.

If you run pihole -up to upgrade from v5 to v6 without reading or understanding the process then you get what you get.

You should be reading the changes that will happen when you run pihole -up, especially during the beta process as there are many moving parts and you should be very aware of what is going to change.