DHCP Web Settings

Love using the Pi-hole DHCP but he web GUI could do with some love. Just a couple of ideas:

  • Be able to expand the list of devices with assigned IP's. Currently scrolling up and down is a bit clunky.
  • Be able to revoke IP's (can fix issue with devices not taking up new reserved IP's.)
  • Ability to block devices from obtaining an IP. (like a device blacklist based on MAC address)

Keep up the awesome work!

I second this request. Being able to better manage and view the DHCP setttings and IP Addresses via Web GUI would be awesome.

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Would it be possible to allow certain Clients on DHCP to bypass the PiHole Filter?

i need this one too! I will donate if you add it, please!

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I just suggested this on Reddit and was directed here. I wouldn't mind something like how Untangle does it with current IPs on the right and all static IP's on the left in columns and having the whole range of IP's visible. I love the functionality of the DHCP server but dislike the Web GUI for it.

A screenshot would be appreciated. We want to make the UI as clear as possible, however, our time is severely limited and, when there are no external contributions, it clearly helps if we'd know exactly how something should look like before trying a change like this.

In a similar vein, I would like to see a whitelist- have DHCP block all MAC addresses until it's put on an approved list.

For what? Sure, an unauthorized device will not get an IP, however, you can still get access to everything with a static address configuration. If you are looking for such a level of protection, the DHCP server seems to be the wrong place to look. It will only give a misleading feeling of security when circumventing is very easy and straightforward. You should instead use a router that is able to to MAC-filtering on its ports to achieve what you are looking for.